Scale maintenance is essential and will save you money in the long run.

When you are dealing with retail scales, you have to expect them to need scale repair services or calibration from time to time. Grocery store scales are a significant investment and can easily cost thousands, so maintaining and servicing your equipment is essential to the longevity of your scales. While scales can become disabled for various reasons, some of the most common are improper maintenance, inadequate operator training, and abuse. When a scale does go down, you need to make sure you get scale repair services from a certified company. Meat, produce, seafood, and deli scales have precise calibrations, unique parts and legally must be serviced by a licensed technician. To make sure your scales are adequately maintained, you should follow these fundamental guidelines to identify quality scale repair services.

Calibration Is Absolutely Paramount

Scales are crucial because they provide accurate measurements for many purposes. Exactness is the uppermost priority as many factors depend on it, such as compliance with regulatory bodies and product pricing. When investigating scale repair services, it is essential to ask questions about their calibration service and methods. You want to make sure they are equipped to calibrate to dead-on accuracy.

Scale Repair Services You Can Count On

Before having your scales repaired, ask questions. Questions concerning replacement parts utilization, will they be new OEM, pre-owned, or remanufactured. What is the warranty on the parts and labor necessary for the repair? You are going to be relying on this business to get your scales in working order; so asking these questions upfront makes sense. If the repairs are sub-standard, it can affect the accuracy, or it could fail altogether. Accurate measurement equates to money in the bank, period. So you want to be assured their technicians are licensed, experienced and that you can count on them as you do your scales.

Is Their Repair Service Guaranteed?

Make sure when reviewing the service report that you pay particular attention to the warranty of their work and parts. Many companies can mislead you with obscure exclusions and voidable provisions. So when it comes to paying hundreds on a repair, you’re going to want some guarantee in writing that explains your rights and any restrictions.

Need Scale Repair From The Best?

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