Preventive Maintenance

Designed To Protect Your Budget

Reduce operating costs and extend the life of your equipment with preventive maintenance from Gulf Coast Equip Care

With a proactive plan, you not only get more life out of your equipment and more energy-efficient performance, but you can also save a considerable portion of your budget compared to making reactive repairs.

You are in a tough position. Your commercial food equipment and scales have to perform reliably, and downtime is never acceptable. Meanwhile, you’re required to control costs and squeeze the most out of your budget. Managing a kitchen, bakery, or supermarket would be so much simpler if you could reduce equipment failures.

Rather than reacting to urgent service needs and emergency repairs, you could put your time and energy—not to mention your operating budget—toward more profitable pursuits.

The solution is preventive maintenance. By planning and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of costly downtime.



What is typically included:

  • Critical parts inspection of each piece of equipment
  • Priority dispatching service
  • Complete check to make sure equipment is performing to manufacturers specifications and operating efficiently
  • Calibration of thermostatic controls
  • Lubrication of key components
  • Estimates for recommended repairs
  • Discounts on parts installed by our technicians
Gulf Coast Equip Care LLC

Take control of your restaurant, bakery, and supermarket maintenance budget. Let us customize a Preventive Maintenance Agreement for you today.