Six Commercial Appliance Safety Suggestions

Among the most notable investments in your business are your commercial appliances. When cared for correctly by a specialist in commercial appliance repair in New Orleans, your equipment will last a long time and serve you, your employees and patrons faithfully. However, if their care is overlooked, your commercial appliances could become an expensive and dangerous safety hazard. An accomplished restaurant equipment service company servicing the New Orleans area offers the following commercial appliance safety pointers to help you get the most out of your investment.

Clean appliances after use

Cleaning commercial appliances isn’t just for keeping up appearances—it’s for the safety of your employees and your customers. Each of your commercial appliances, from dishwashers and slicers to ovens and ice machines, should be cleaned on a regular schedule to ensure that food and other particles aren’t clogging the equipment. Clogs could cause a malfunction or a hazard.

Turn off appliances when not in use

When electrical appliances are not in use, it’s most beneficial to turn them off. Turning the machine off will not only save you money on energy bills but also protect your commercial appliances in case of an electrical surge. This added measure of safety should play a massive role in your employees’ daily closing procedures as a safety precaution.

Read the operating manual

When you invest in a new commercial appliance, be sure to read the operating manual. It will be full of safety warnings and recommendations for smart and safe operation. The manual will also help you understand the power requirements and the correct placement of your new commercial appliance.

Position appliances in the appropriate place

Speaking of placement, positioning your commercial appliances should be done thoughtfully. You want to avoid setting your appliances somewhere they will be likely to overheat. The appliance should be in a place where there is much cool airflow. Invest in air conditioners if you are having trouble finding a cool enough place for your appliance.

The other consideration is to avoid dampness or water on your appliances—water and electricity do not mix! There should be no loose connections or extension cords.

Train operators on how to use appliances

Once you have read the manual and placed your appliances appropriately, the most important thing you can do is to train your employees in the proper operation of your commercial appliances. A prime cause of accidents on the job is the misuse of appliances. Employees should be able to recognize any issues with an appliance before it breaks down. They should also follow all the safety procedures in case of an emergency. If your equipment is being used correctly, it should not break down abruptly. A quality commercial appliance repair team in New Orleans can guide your team in how to operate each of your appliances safely.

Schedule routine maintenance

To ensure that your commercial appliances last a long time and work well, they will need to be adequately maintained. Each of your major appliances should be on a regular, routine maintenance schedule. For example, a commercial oven repair team should be checking and servicing your ovens and least twice a year.

The benefits of routine maintenance surpass the cost of having a service team come out multiple times a year. With regular maintenance, appliances are more durable. They will last you a long time without needing a costly repair or replacement. The appliances are also more efficient because they are working at their optimal level. Surprises can be expensive, and by keeping your appliances in tip-top shape, you almost eliminate the risk of a costly breakdown, which will surely happen at the most inconvenient moment.

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