Two FAQs: Commercial Kitchen Equipment in New Orleans

Whether you’ve owned your restaurant for years or are brand-new to the business, you probably have some questions scribbled down that you’ve wanted to ask a knowledgeable person. Question topics vary from which pieces of commercial kitchen equipment are the right ones to buy to wondering about appliances performing unsatisfactorily when powered up. It’s beneficial to ask these questions, so read on for some insight! The following are a couple of the most commonly asked questions about commercial kitchen equipment in New Orleans and the Mississippi gulf coast.

Which is the more desirable choice: a gas range or an electric range?

Stovetop cooking is prevalent in most commercial restaurant environments. You can choose between gas ranges and electric ranges. A range is not only needed for cooking, but the style might also be important to you too. Natural gas and propane gas ranges are visually appealing and offer a responsive cooking experience. Considering you can view the flame around a gas burner, this type of range makes judging the temperature less challenging. Electric ranges are typically designed with coils to heat, but smooth-top ranges are also an option.

Not all ranges have ovens. If the range you want doesn’t feature an oven component, you’ll want to look into commercial convection ovens. These ovens feature a fan and an exhaust system that circulates heated air around the food you’re cooking.

What time is ideal for filtering fryer oil?

Kitchen teams that deal with commercial deep fryers should filter the fryer oil multiple times throughout their shifts. The morning is probably the safest time to do so, as the oil has had plenty of time to cool down overnight. Trying to filter the oil when it’s too hot can be dangerous and is one of the principal causes of burn injuries in foodservice kitchens. That said, oil influences the taste of the food, so it’s essential to filter the fryer oil at least twice a day. Quality commercial kitchen equipment in New Orleans is a considerable investment. To avoid needing to replace big-ticket kitchen items too soon, make sure to clean and maintain them daily and weekly. Devise a regular kitchen maintenance program, and don’t hesitate to contact Gulf Coast Equip Care for professional attention in the New Orleans Metairie Kenner Mandeville Slidell and Covington area. Call us anytime!


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